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A lot can change over the course of several years.  I never thought it would happen, but indeed it has.  “What”, you may ask?  My openness to darker topics.  Here’s a brief run down….

I started my hypnosis career in the clinical world, as many of you know.  I must admit, I was wound pretty tight when I began my career.  I turned my nose up at stage hypnosis and was pretty damn anal about the language that I would use in a client’s sessions.  I would painstakingly re-write clinical scripts to make sure positive verbiage was used, etc.  I was hyper-vigilant about preserving the client’s welfare.

When I launched my erotic femdom career, a lot of those clinical habits, which were deeply-ingrained, followed me.  Of course, they did!  It’s how I was formally trained and it’s who I still am with clinical sessions.

Up until this point, I have refused any form of humiliation topic, because my motto has been, “If it’s not good for your soul, it’s not good for mine either”.  But then I started receiving numerous requests for humiliation that I just couldn’t ignore.  NUMEROUS!  It was an eye-opener.

I think I have been taking myself too seriously.  What about kink?  What about role-play?  What about “to each their own”?  What about “enter at your own risk”?  Also, I can be pretty pissy and angry sometimes – maybe this could be an outlet for that energy.  WIN!!

But this is what finally changed my mind – in the past year, I’ve realized that listeners aren’t taking humiliation completely serious.  It’s a kink!!  It’s an erotic pastime for most listeners.  It’s a thrill.

So come take this ride with Me. Enjoy your time stepping into the Darkside!

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  • Frankie

    Today I listened, for abut the third time to a newly personalized issue of Corrupt Hypnotherapy Sissy mind control. suddenly I started dropping deeper and yet deeper as waves of pleasure pulsed through my body I am changed. I know that I will be more of a hypnotic subject in the times to come. An hour later, I am not yer settled down

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