Celebrating My Subs

Beautiful 2021 Tributes

June 2021:  Pup beat his record today, with a daily total of $2691 ($500 + $2191).  Congratulations, pup.  I am so proud of you.


May 2021:  Pup advanced to the title of “Preferred Money Slave”.  He spent a total of $8145.91 for the month of May, and gave a tribute of $2150 in one lump sum.  Both of these totals beat the previous record, which is how he has earned this prestigious title.  Congratulations, pup!


Toy 0920TR-13 for his minion work.  He has helped me tremendously this year with various tasks.


Sissy JC for his weekly tributes


Always Agree for his weekly tributes

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Celebrating My Subs

Beautiful 2020 Tributes

During 2020 & prior, I received amazing tributes from the following wonderful subs. This website would not be where it is today without the contributions from the subs below:

Always Agree


Pathetic Loser
Sissy JC
Anonymous Slave
Amethyst’s Puppet
Cuck Slave David
Slave Craig
Slave Jill
Sweet Samantha

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