Banned Topics

Banned Topics

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  • Eruption Sapphic Sisters


    After putting you into a deep trance, Scarlet and I put on a bit of a sexy show for you, since you’ve been such a good boy. While you’re enjoying our incestuous lesbian sexual play, I signal the Eruption trigger, right as Scarlet gives me an orgasm with her tongue.

  • Gotcha!


    Gotcha! I have just tricked you and quickly captured You in my trench coat, followed by covering your nose and mouth with my chloroform soaked cloth. You are whisked away in a van, filled with my nurses to take you to my private location.

  • Kiss Of Darkness


    Feel yourself become lost in this hypnotic story, as you are transported to Slovakia to visit Oravasky Castle.  (Film location of the movie Nosferatu)

    You climb your way through the castle, only to find yourself mesmerized by a portrait that seems to pull you in.  It’s the image of a woman with long dark hair and soft dark eyes.  Her skin is white, and her gown is purple.  Like many portraits, those dark eyes seem to follow you, and seem to stare back at you.

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